FIREWOOD FASHION ACCESSORIES CO.  is an international accessories company which is equipped with domestic and foreign front line design and development team, supply chain and other channels; The core R & D team has served the international and domestic first- line brands, with rich experience and keen fashion degree. FIREWOOD FASHION ACCESSORIES CO.  adheres to the tenet of original design, R & D plate making and resource docking, takes innovation, uniqueness, guidance and speed as the core concept, focuses on the R & D of high-quality products, takes high-end leather as the carrier, combines unique innovative ideas and plate making technology, and devotes itself to creating exquisite packages.


      FIREWOOD 是一家国际化的服饰公司,除了有专业的设计团队并配备国内外一线设计开发、供应链等渠道;核心研发团队曾服务于国际、国内一线品牌,有丰富的阅历和敏锐 的时尚度。 FIREWOOD 秉持原创设计、研发制版、资源对接为一体的宗旨,以“创新、唯一、引领、 快速”为核心理念,专注于高质量产品的研发,以高端皮料为载体,结合独有的创新思路及制板工艺,致 力于打造精致包款。